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Altogether the needs of these three schools with some 704 students overwhelm me.

I have already helped support these schools and other mission outreaches, such as St. Paul’s High School in Pakistan (grades 1-10 with 620 students). I’ve also helped literacy classes to evangelize Hindus, Muslims, etc., in India. I am able to help these ministries by living frugally and by encouraging others to help support these strategic mission outreaches.

I ask you to consider praying and partnering with me in supporting these outreaches in India so we can win these responsive peoples before the windows of opportunity close. Actually, I would like to donate these schools to a church or mission to supervise and maintain them. They are productive mission investments. The people around Antioch School (near Bangladesh), for example, are especially responsive to the Gospel; we started a church there which has grown to 120 in spite of attacks from Hindu militants. Militants have severely injured our evangelists there and elsewhere.

But God, in His providence, is thwarting the efforts of Satan to keep these peoples in darkness. For example, six Indian government officials and Hindu missionaries from America died in a helicopter crash on a survey trip to establish Hindu schools near Ruth’s school in Arunachal Pradesh.

We have a golden opportunity to win these people to Christ. They are likely to convert to whatever religion sponsors schools for their children. Tragically, already the many Hindu schools established there have converted some 32% of the population to Hinduism, so we must start Christian schools before more convert to Hinduism or Buddhism. Now many Buddhist schools are also being started there with the help of rich Buddhists such as the Dalai Lama and Hollywood movie stars.

Please be so kind as to help our needy schools extend the Kingdom of God in Satan’s strongholds by raising funds for one of the projects below and by supporting me on a regular basis. If you would like more information, please call or write to me at or  write to Pastor Kampu: