About Me

Dr. Ruth Eshenaur

Ruth’s Testimony

By God’s grace, I’ve served as a missionary in Africa, Taiwan, and Korea for 37 years. God has used my background, training, and life experiences to give me an undying passion for world evangelism. I grew up in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and became interested in missions partly through my oldest brother, Jim, who served for 23 years in Ethiopia and Cameroon as a medical missionary. I was born again when 14 and gave my life to be a missionary when 16 at a Youth For Christ conference. In preparation for my calling, I earned several degrees, a B.A. from Marshall University, a Th.B. from Detroit Bible College in 1965, an M.A. from Syracuse University in 1965, and a Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University in 1975.

 God enabled me to raise my support from my family, friends, and local churches, mostly in my home area in  S.E. Ohio and W.Va. Then I went to Kenya in 1975 where I served as a faith missionary developing educational materials for the Africa Inland Church in Kenya and for Rhodesia under Daystar Communications.

After my parents, Dr. Roy and Mrs. Eshenaur, died in an airplane crash in 1979, I served with the Asia Theological Association in Taiwan producing literature and books for theological schools in Asia. Since coming to Korea in 1984, I’ve been training Third World Church leaders and missionaries at the Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission, the Missionary Training Institute in Seoul, Antioch Colleg and Seminary, and at various schools and churches in Korea and in other countries. 

In 2004 I partnered with a retired Korean missionary to Mongolia to establish All Nations Christian Academy, an English medium school primarily for Missionary Kids (MKs). We’re currently trying to recruit preschool, elementary and high school math and science teachers. We provide the usual benefits for foreign teachers in Korea, such as a stipend, housing, health insurance, retirement, etc. Please contact me if you know anyone who might be interested.